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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 19, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> folks are pulling out the umbrellas as we see the first significant rain in two months. this is the seen this morning from the ferry parking lot. >> we have a picture from our mount tamalpais camera. you can see there it is very wet and blustery. >> we look from the heavenly resort camera in lake tahoe. when it rains, it means snow in the sierra. >> we are waiting for the next
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round of rain and amy hollyfield is in mill valley in marin county but, first, mike nicco, is tracking it from the roof of live doppler 7 hd. >> it is raining right now. yes, have your wet weather gear because we talked about yesterday and this morning that the best chance of light-to-moderate steady rain is from about now all the way through the evening commute. right now if you are headed out for lunch in san francisco we have some sprinkles to light rain developing and that is a nice shield of wet weather across the north bay from the bay bridge north. so far, rainfall amounts are light at .03" in concord and .14" in santa rosa. we knew it would be all day event taking the better part of 48 hours to play out. we are not worried about mud or rock slides but we will get building to the left side of the screen, plenty of moisture in the air but we do not have a strong trigger mechanism right
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now. that trying mechanism is going to come in with the brighter, wider clouds off to the west. the evening commute will be a tough one to get an because all of us will have rain during the evening commute. this is phase one. there are two phases to the storm. i will map out the rain tomorrow in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. amy hollyfield is monitoring the impact on today's storm and joins us mill valley. amy? >> it is raining again here after a break and this will make in people here very happy. we had some rain in the early morning hours just enough to leave a lot people wanting more. >> we made our way through the north bay this morning and as programmed, got rained on. we saw heavy drizzle at 4:30 and rain dropped in petaluma around 6:00. the precipitation disappointed people who were ready for a good soaking. >> i like the rain.
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we need it. this is barely rain. it is drizzle. it is almost being in the clouds. >> it kept some people inside like mary jones' walking group. >> they said it was raining. it was sputtering. i come from england. it was only a hint of rain. >> c.h.p. was worried it could create a slippery commute but by 7:00 you did not need the wipeers and c.h.p. says no rain-related problems were reported. in the afternoon, it could be a different story with more rain expected. >> this is mid-november and up to 60 days of no rain...that is trying. >> absolutely. let it rain. we might get some skiing in. >> snow in tahoe would be great. this afternoon in the bay area, c.h.p. is advising you can take it slow open way home although you may be anxious to get home. slow down. keep the distance.
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it could be slippery. we are penning rain during the commute. >> thank you, amy. you can track storms from the smart phone with live doppler 7 hd by installing abc7 weather app downloading for free to >> two storm-related deaths in michigan have now raised the number of victims from the fierce storms to eight. the national weather service says two tornadoes hit two illinois, had an eh four ratings with winded from 15 to 200 miles per hour. the mayor of washington, illinois, says a thousand homes were damaged or destroyed and most do not have power. the children's tribune reports of 200 tornado warnings since
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1986, half were issued on sunday. >> new numbers show america's relief experts are now felt in the philippines. you can see why the help is critical. a week and a half after typhoon haiyan, cargo ships still sit like paperweights on top of flattened neighbors. you can see, though, $30 million in humanitarian aid from the united states has reached the philippines so far with $7 million coming from the defense department. military personnel have responded and 750,000 pounds of relief supplies have been delivered 5,640 survivors have been airlifted to safety. a special thanks to abc7 news viewers teaming up with the men red cross for 12 1/2 hour marathon relief drive. in all, $104,431 was raised. the red cross says that money will go directly to relief and recovery efforts in the philippines. thank you very much.
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>> a worker is in the hospital right new after an explosion at a plant this morning at a plant. there is no word on the cause of the explosion. the new details on breaking news from the morning news. the sonoma county sheriff says 59-year-old man was shot can killed in a confrontation with deputies at the river lane resort in guerneville. investigators say a woman called 9-1-1 at 11:00 to report her husband was threatening to kill her. deputies told the woman and her 30-year-old daughter to go across the street to a sheriff substation where the deputies were and they said wayne courtright came from his room, armed with high-powered rifle and started shooting. deputies fired back and he died at the scene. >> we could know if there is a deal between the city of san jose and the police officer's
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association over a contract. the city council has been meeting all morning in a closed session. matt keller has been this this morning. >> the city council is in closed session and they are expected to discuss the latest prop a that was brought up in mediation last week. the board of directors is new leaving the meeting and the union president says they unanimously voted to recommend to its members to accept an agreement that would restore the 10 percent pay cut they took back in 2009. this proposal came from a mediation session between the city and the union. according to the police officers association, officers will get a 4 percent raise right now. a 3.33 percent race in june of 2014 and another 3.33 percent in july of 2015. officers would end up with a 10 percent race by mid-2015. >> july 2015 our officers will
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be making what they made in 2009. they are seeing their pees go to other agencies making $1,500 to $2,000 more a month but we have to start somewhere and restoring the 10 percent was always our position of what had to happen. he says the pay restoration will not keep the new hires on the force. five graduates have already left. a couple of others are expecting job office in the next few weeks and ten others have applied for the testing process with other agencies. 100 officers have resigned or retired this year six less than last year's record high departures. the city council will have to decide if it will approve the latest proppal. if not it is not clear where negotiations would go from here thank you, matt. a protest is held tonight in san francisco to demand justice over a new claim of police brutality.
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>> this is develop phone video obtained after friday's incident at the apartments and police say they used reasonable force after a crowd turned hostile. investigators say it all started when a man ran from them when they tried to give him a bicycle citation. neighbors and family thought police were being too brutality and three tried to intervene and were taken into custody. two officers and two suspects were injured. >> shares in tesla motors are up slightly on news of a federal investigation into the safety of the electric sedans. it is trading on the nasdaq at $125 a share which is up $3 from yesterday but if you look, that is a far cry from the high just six weeks ago at $194 back then before a string of battery fires katie marzullo is in the newsroom.
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katie? >> tesla c.e.o. elon musk asked for a federal investigation interest his own cars at the same time he is standing by them, saying it is the media coverage of the fires that is misleading the public. >> it is dramatic video of a tesla model s going up in flames, this morning, the company c.e.o. is trying to extinguish the hype and a watch dog is trying to figure if there is a problem. there have been three fires, one after a high speed crash and two after they hit debris on the road. the national highway administration wants to know if the design makes it vulnerable to fire and they will look at 13,000 cars from the 2013 model year. in a blog post elon musk says hundreds of thousands of gasoline powered cars have caught fire since it went into production but tesla fires received disproportionate play in the media saying, it is easy to assume that the tesla model
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and perhaps the electric cars in general have a greater propensity to catch fire when nothing could be further from the truth. he goes on to say that he believes it is highly unlikely officials will find a problem but if something is discovered, that would result in a term improvement in occupant fire safety, we will immediately apply that change to new cars and office it as a free retrofit to all existing cars. >> he says from now on fire damage will be covered under the warranty even if it due to driver report. as for the federal investigation it could lead to a recall but the decision is likely months away. >> another run in for the crack smoking mayor from toronto proving again he is not going down without a fight. silicon valley movers and shakers have another bright idea. >> now another look at the first wet day of the month, first one in quite some time as you take pictures of rain if your
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neighborhood we would like to see them. send your photos and videos to and mike nicco will return next with the
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safeway. ingredients for life. >> this morning, toronto mayor rob ford is talking after the city council voted to strip him of most of his powers last night. it got heated with people trying to hold him back. he was admitted to smoking crack cocaine and accused the city
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council members of stabbing him in the back saying they are guilty of the same issues but have not been caught. he nearly knocked down a city council woman as he lunged toward a heckler. still, ford denies he has a serious problem and says he is three weeks sober. >> the commerce department announced plans to open patent office in silicon valley and the office will be located in san jose city hall and bring 80 jobs to silicon valley within the first year of operations. the firms seek more united states patents than any other region in the world with san jose being the top patent-producing city with more than 7,000 patents last year. >> tonight at 7:00, the walnut creek city council considers a draft of a plan to increase the parking rate and extend parking enforce m doubling the rate if downtown meters to $2 an hour. enforcement would be extended by two hours each night until 8:00. sunday enforcement is added,
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right now parking on sundays is free. the city wants to open up more street space for reach a standard of 15 percent available at all times. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with a rainy forecast. >> i need an umbrella it is raining here in san francisco, you saw the shot in san jose, the sun is out by you are going to get your rain by the time the day is over with a timetable for how much you are beginning to get and when it is going to get there and how long it will hang around in the seven-day outlook. >> the miss department is stealing a page from horror movies to educate the public about a growing
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> move over, walking dead, this morning, the los angeles police department is using zombies to warn the public about car burglars, part of a public service announcement featuring zombies wandering the streets, stealing ipads and other valuables left in plain sight in the we vehicles. 20,000 vehicles have been burglarized in los angeles and the police hope to scare people into hiding their belongings and locking their cars. >> who knows, but at least it is creative.
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>> with the rain going on, what is going on, on the roof? >> mike? >> you need an umbrella if. >> a lot different than most of the time i have been here, it is wet, it is cooler, but i will show you what is going on, there you go, a little bit of wet weather we have accumulated. you have to love them. we are prepared for the wet weather. i am looking at the people and half do not have an umbrella or raincoat. perhaps they do not have our weather app. here is live doppler 7 hd you can see the wet weather is punching right through the heart of the bay from highway 37 on the north side of san pablo bay to almost the san mateo bridge. we have flight arrival delays at sfo so check ahead for that. we will head over to the east bay and you can see from berkeley, richmond, hercules, all the way over to walnut creek
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and presenten and lafayette down to danville we have a healthy area of wet weather and we have eastbound a lull in the north bay but you will get more rain as the wind keeps coming off the west. our atmosphere is so saturated right now, there is so much moisture, unfortunately, we are not going to utilize all of it because the energy is just not that strong right now. converting that, in the south about 50 miles, you can see in san jose, there is sunshine, so, maybe those people that are in san jose are the ones that are going, where's the rain? it is coming. trust me. it will get there longer, it will take longer to get there like it always does in san jose. light rain. mild breeze. wet weather through tomorrow. then this is not a pattern change, this is not bringing in fall, we are going to go pack to sunshine and warmer-than-average weather as quickly as thursday afternoon all the way through the weekend and i see a would longed period of dry weather set up for the back half of the
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month. we still need more rain than we are going to get out of this suspect. upper 50's to low 60's for most of us and mid-60's are possible from san jose and morgan hill, and as far as tonight, we will be immediate again with upper 40's to mid-50's and it will be a lot like this morning, damp outside, some scattered light rain but, mostly, it will be misty and drizzle but the streets will probably still be wet due to the rain we will get this afternoon and evening. you can see the moisture plume is not connected to the cold front. the cold ronald reagan is just now coming closer to us so we are going to see an uptick in the intensity of the rain from light-to-moderate at times and it is going to push down to the south. here you go, 12:00 is the pest chance of rain moving through the hard of the bay and by 5:00, it will be the heart of the rain and into the evening. by midnight this first wave of energy is pushing through and we are damp overnight but tomorrow
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the second bit of energy is not advantage but you can see from mid-morning to mid-afternoon we will have another chance of wet weather and watch the wind shift, it will bring the dry air back in, and the sunshine, for thursday afternoon. still holding on to .25" to .5" for most of us with higher elevations in the western-facing mountains and hills which could get three quarters to 1.5". temperatures will take off over the week end, and 60 at the coast but we will flirt with 70's around the bay and inland which is warmer than normal this time of the year. we have rain here, it is coming your way in the south bay and it will hang around until tomorrow afternoon. then it is gone. >> i talked about this, you can track storms from your smartphone with the most powerful weather radar, live doppler 7 hd, by installing the weather app download for free to the iphone or droid device at
11:24 am >> speaking of phones, the word of the year is something all of us have done with one of
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